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Rangers Surfing

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Keen to learn surfing in a supportive group?
Do you want the confidence and skills to surf your local break but don't know where to start and need some buddies to do this with?
Are you an intermediate surfer and want to improve your skills and performance with a group of surfers at your level or better? Have you got in a rut and need to step it up in 2022?
Or have you not surfed for a while and need to get back into it again with some refresher coaching and meet some new surf buddies? 

Surfing is super fun and an amazing sport to get involved with. You will meet great people, catch some amazing waves and feel energised out in the ocean......

But... it can be a super dangerous sport if you do not have the confidence or skills to be able to swim in the ocean, read the waves, navigate dangerous rips and build up your skills over time.

It takes commitment and consistent practice over 6 - 12 months to become a confident and skilled surfer. 

Also you might be wanting to start surfing but not know the right mates to do this with to keep the motivation and consistency going strong. 

Rangers Surfing makes this super easy by giving you 6 weeks (or over 3 - 4 days) of intense group surf coaching in a supportive local group of like-minded frothers. We supply all the equipment and expert coaching from local surf coaches with full accreditation, skills and insurance. 

Or you may have been surfing for 2 - 5 years and really want to get a lot better with an intermediate / advanced group to challenge you to be better. It may be time to step it up in 2022 and meet a new crew to challenge you and take you to secret spots only they know..... 

We  buddy you up with 2 - 6 locals (at all levels from beginner to advanced)  so you can go out 2 - 4 times a week between lessons and practice what you learnt in surf class.

We have buddy networks in Byron, Tweed Valley, Gold Coast & Brisbane. 

You can choose female only, male only or a mix of male / female or non gender specific surf buddies at your skill level. We make it easy to hang with the crew you wanna hang with. 

All are welcome. We do not discriminate in any way around your age, gender identity, vax status or any other nonsense. Happy vibes only with our crew.  

We match you up with surf buddies at your level for an entire 12 months and ensure you have what you need to feel confident to go surf your local breaks.

When you outgrow your buddy group and need more advanced buddies, we put you in a new group so that you don't get stagnant and keep learning and improving. 

Benefits of Rangers Surfing

  Professional surf coaching for 6 x 1.5 hour sessions over 6 weeks with an accredited local Byron surf school. All equipment supplied including foam surfboards, wetsuits (or rashies), reef safe zinc / sunscreen, insurance - its all sorted.

If you are short of time and only in Byron for 3 - 4 days, you can also pack 6 sessions into 3 or 4 days and then we connect you with buddies. We have buddies in Byron/ Northern Rivers, the Gold Coast & Brisbane to hang with)

  Matched with like-minded surf buddies for a full 12 months so you have heaps of support to practice your surfing. We match you in a group of 8 - 10 for your first 6 weeks. You will get to know this group really well for 6 weeks and then the rest of the year. You can get matched with as many surf buddies as you need for 12 months. As your skill level increases, we find you more advanced surf buddies so your skills keep improving forward. Sometimes buddies move away also for personal reasons, so we match you with new ones when you need more for 12 months. Super easy :-) 

  Connect with like-minded new friends who are passionate about surfing and also caring for our beaches and oceans. Meet new locals in Byron if you have just moved to town and want to connect with the community. Or meet a new group of surf buddies to check out new surf breaks you haven't experienced. We have Rangers on the Gold Coast, Brisbane & in the Northern Rivers/Tweed Valley. 

  Get a work or study group to surf together: This is a great way for your work mates or uni / college / TAFE mates to hang out and connect around something fun. We can sort group transport from the Gold Coast or Brisbane also if you wanna hang in Byron more to surf and chill..... (extra cost for this) 

  Rangers Goodie Bag: We have a bag of goodies to make your surfing and lifestyle work better so we all care for our oceans and Keep Byron Beautiful  

+ free Coconut Bowl and spoon from our mates at Coconut bowls who give every new Ranger some free goodies - 1 x Bowl and 1 x spoon - $21 value 
+Reef safe Surf Zinc: locally made by hand by one of our mates in Byron. It is organic, uses locally sourced ingredients, will not make turtles and dolphins sick like the other nasty stuff that most people use. It will also protect you against the crazy Aussie sun out in the surf - $22 value

+Reef safe sunscreen: A brand of sunscreen we rate that is reef safe and keeps our dolphins and turtles smiling :-) - $22 value
+ 5 x trees or 5 x herbs from our mates at Lifecykel as part of their "Grow & Gift a Tree programme" to kick of your home herb garden - or come help us plant your native trees to regenerate the Shire at our next community tree planting event - $15 value 


Upcoming start dates to get you surfing: 6 weekly groups




- 26th February - 9am start at Byron Main Beach

- 5th March - 9am start at Byron Main Beach

- 12th March - 9am start at Byron Main Beach 

- 19th March - 9am start at Byron Main Beach

- 26 March - 9am start at Byron Main Beach 

Upcoming start dates for 3 - 4 day intense surfing: 2 surf lessons per day 




- 26th February - 9am start at Byron Main Beach / 4pm afternoon session 

- 5th March - 9am start at Byron Main Beach / 4pm afternoon session 

- 12th March - 9am start at Byron Main Beach / 4pm afternoon session 

- 19th March - 9am start at Byron Main Beach / 4pm afternoon session 

- 26 March - 9am start at Byron Main Beach / 4pm afternoon session 

Every Saturday is a new group kick off.

We will call you and match you into the right group when you book. 

 (Own equipment: If you have your own surfboard / wetsuit - then there is a $45 discount on this price to save on the rental price. Just add discount code "BYO2022" at the checkout for the $400 price )

Pics: @rosslong_