Keep Byron Beautiful

What We Do

Byron Rangers is on an adventure to contribute to the protection of our planet. We are all about creating new and meaningful relationships with each other, doing something positive and having an amazing time doing it.

In Byron Bay we are lucky enough to enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches, best surf breaks, never ending landscapes and diverse wildlife and marine life.

We are even luckier to have great organisations dedicated to preserving these.

Our vision is to create a massive army of volunteers to help protect our planet. You can join as one of the following;

Beach protect the beach and ocean/waterways

Forest protect our forests and rainforests

Wildlife protect and care for our native Aussie wildlife

Farm grow more organic produce for your family and community

In partnership with local and overseas organisations we are taking positive and practical action to create a better future.

We do tree planting and regeneration work for the Byron Shire forest and ecosystem

We clean the beaches and protect our oceans

We rescue wildlife and take care of native Australian animals

We learn how to be organic farmers on local farms

Byron Rangers is creating a committed local community of Rangers who are doing 2 - 4 hours of environmental volunteering each month, investing in projects and taking practical action.