Conservation Projects

Byron Rangers is involved in a diverse and evolving range of ongoing conservation projects around the Shire. 

Here’s a snapshot of our projects and details on how to financially support us today! 



  Beach clean-ups & Dune Care  

We help to keep our beaches clean and healthy for the marine life that depends on them. During the last 12 months alone we have removed more than 6,800kg (and counting) of rubbish from 5 local beaches.  

Dunes play a vital role in protecting and nurturing our coastline. We help to keep Byron’s dunes healthy by removing weeds and planting native flora to help stabilise the ecosystem. 

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We have kept Wategos, Belongil & Suffolk Park beaches clean for 18 months.
We are seeking partners to make this happen.
We need investment to scale our impact at these 8 beaches: 
 Keep Wategos Beautiful  Keep South Golden Beautiful 
Keep Belongil Beautiful  Keep Brunswick Heads Beautiful 
Keep Suffolk Park Beautiful  Keep Broken Head Beautiful 
Keep Main Beach Beautiful  Keep The Pass Beautiful 

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 Junior Ranger Education 

We are educating local primary school students with practical Field Trip based experiences to be the custodians of the future.

Help empower the next generation & enrich their learning experience with the following Field Trips - 


Wildlife Nest Boxes  |  Turtle Conservation  |  Koala Conservation
Bat Conservation  |  Dune Care  |  Beach Clean Ups
Bush Regeneration  |  Bird Conservation  |  Regenerative Farming

 Choose from any of the Field Trips below: 


Sponsor 1 x class Field Trip: 9 options (up to 30 students)  Sponsor  1 x class for a semester (9x field trips) 
Annual sponsorship for Field Trips 
School Tree Panting 
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Some more Byron Rangers Conservation Projects -   

 Bush regeneration

We work with a range of local stakeholders to care for pockets of native bushland in and around Byron to help ensure these ecosystems are safe habitats for wildlife and native plants to thrive  

  Turtle conservation

Each year between November and March, sea turtles come ashore to nest on the beaches of northern NSW. We partner with NSW TurtleWatch and Australian Seabird Rescue to conduct turtle nest surveys and collect data on the coastal ecosystems essential to their survival

  Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital

Byron Rangers is a Foundation Partner of the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, which has saved more than 750 injured native animals since opening in November 2020. Just some of the ways we assist the hospital include landscaping for the hospital site, supporting fundraising events and supplying food for injured wildlife weekly

Byron Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Formerly known as the Macadamia Castle, a new chapter has begun to create a bio-park, with the priority to respect, protect and enjoy Australian Native Wildlife. 

  Shark conservation

Sharks are being culled by the NSW and QLD governments in a barbaric way using outdated technology. We have partnered with Andre Borell, Director of Envoy: Shark Cull, Sea Shepherd, and community members to help protect our marine life, and create non-lethal measures to keep beachgoers safe.  


3 ways you can take action 


1) Get involved directly with supporting these projects by joining as a Ranger 

2) Sign up to a Business Partnership or make a donation if you are a part of the Byron community
3) Directly fund the conservation projects by getting in touch with Deano! 
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