Byron Rangers Membership - 1 month
Byron Rangers Membership - 1 month
Byron Rangers Membership - 1 month
Byron Rangers Membership - 1 month

Byron Rangers Membership - 1 month


1 month of membership with Byron Rangers.

Grants access to all paid member events for 1 month. 

This membership is only for new residents to the area (or visitors to the area) who have been here for less than 3 months.

Once you have completed 3 months of Rangers projects (at least 2 projects per month) and shown commitment to the Rangers conservation community and caring for our home, then you will be invited to join as a permanent member. 

We have 50 - 60 events every month that you can get involved with at different times. 

Choose 2 per month as a minimum - or more if you want. Some of our Rangers do 2 events per week as they get to hang out with great people. 

- Farm training - Learn how to grow your own spray free food. This would suit those wanting to learn how to grow their own food at home or those wanting to get into farming as a job and get "hands on practical farm" experience from some of the best farmers in the area that do regenerative farming (using permaculture principles)

- Wildlife conservation - Get involved in practical wildlife conservation projects for the Byron Bay Wildlife Hospital, turtle conservation and others. 

- Bush regeneration - Learn practical skills about bush or rainforest regeneration. Good for locals managing their own land or those wanting to get into bush regeneration / conservation or landscaping as a job. This is great work experience and many of our Rangers get jobs this way once trust is earnt with the boss :-) 

- Beach cleaning and Dune Care - this will suit ocean lovers who want to care for our beautiful beaches and oceans. It also will suit students studying Marine Science and Coastal Management to get practical hands on experience (We hire the best Rangers for paid work part time or full time with us and our conservation partners)

We take conservation seriously... but not ourselves.

Lots of laughing at our projects but we do expect commitment and integrity around your involvement - no flakes allowed !

Byron Rangers take action and make things happen. It that you ? 

If so, then join. If not, then there are many projects you can get involved with around the Shire.